Fine Arts at FRA is alive and thriving

One of Flint River Academy’s most appreciated contributions to its students’ curriculum is its Fine Arts Program. We can boast of sending many graduating young men and women who go on to earn art and music degrees and pursue a wide range of careers, from graphic design to cosmetology to music composition and technologies major-all with the help of the fundamental skills taught in our Fine Arts Department.

During the 1970’s Sandy Ellis held the position of art teacher for the whole school teaching all grades 3k through 12th basic drawing, etching, and painting. When Sandy left in 1982, the school was left without anyone to take her place for 13 years. In 1994 the love for creativity in the school was resurrected when Cindy Harper took the position and has “kept the program going strong ever since.” The students’ horizons have been widened to include a broad spectrum of every medium - a range of skills spanning from drawing with charcoal, to pencil sketches, acrylic painting, oil, to origami, watercolor, sculpting, in some cases building, and even wood-burning.

Student artwork is displayed in the FRA Annual Spring Art Show, and the school participates in LaGrange Art Museum’s Creative Student Art League Show, the Georgia Watershed Art Contest, Lions Club Peace Drawing Art Contest, and the Columbus State University Art Show.

Nearly every year, Harper puts together fundraisers-the most successful being the magazine sales which, in 1996, raised over $28,000 to help buy new paints, brushes, canvasses, clay and sculpting tools, and pay for field trip to visit museums or historical sights and attend plays.

Music director, Rick McManus today contributes greatly toward fundraising for the Fine Arts Program. Holiday performances, dinner theatres, and tours of homes keep the coffers filled, but best of all is the love, enthusiasm, and talent he brings to the task of teaching music and drama to students.

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